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Is Reasonable-Bravery the better Ultimate-Bravery?

Reasonable Bravery is a fun gamemode which is derived from Ultimate-Bravery and therefore pretty similar. You still get an unconventional itembuild which is most likely not played on the specific champion, but the build isn't completely random. The main difference compared to Ultimate-Bravery is, that the shown items will have something in common. Most of the items are tagged for example with 'Armor', 'Health' etc. and the algorithm will take similar items based on this tags. In addition there is still some randomness which throws in random items into the build by a certain chance.

The invention of Reasonable-Bravery

Back in 2013 there was a reddit user called 'Fire-proof' who invented the gamemode Reasonable-Bravery. This gamemode should become an alternative to Ultimate-Bravery which was really popular these days. So he tried to write a website which will give you improved random itembuilds. Unfortunately this site went offline and I don't know if it was successful or not. But I like the idea of an automatic algorithm which does not generate 100% random builds and tries to find reasonable itembuilds.
Therefore I wrote a new algorithm which tries to generate item combinations where you get health items in addition to armor items for example.

Try it out now!

Enough said! Click on the red "GG easy!" button to start your first game.
If you don't own the shown champion, then reroll by pressing the button again or specify custom preferences in the settings.


If you are interested into the official Bravery rules then go ahead and follow this link: Bravery-Rules

Ultimate-Bravery variations

You may have already figured out the two other Bravery gamemodes called "Ultimate Bravery" and "Bronze Bravery". These two modes are slightly different from this Reasonable-Bravery gamemode. The differences are listed below.

  • Ultimate-Bravery: This is the original gamemode where you get an 100% random itembuild according with the official Bravery rules.
  • Reasonable-Bravery: The algorithm for the itembuild generation is slightly different from the Ultimate-Bravery algorithm. The builds are still random, but the program is trying to generate an itembuild for a specific role. For example you will get attackspeed items in combination with crit items or maybe defensive items in combination with health items.
  • Bronze-Bravery: For this gamemode we are trying to find games from bronze players where they have achieved a full itembuild. When we have found some bronze-builds we are selecting one such build randomly. Depending on the found game you may get a good itembuild or a bad one where you aren't even allowed to buy boots. We will show you when this selected build was played, but we won't show you the player name to prevent possible insults against these players.


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  • Summoner's Rift

  • Twisted Treeline

  • Howling Abyss

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